Tuesday, 14 September 2010

"Making the modern world"
make from us , make for us

"Making the Modern World" provides you with insights about science and discoveries of this century.This website has more to talk about what we have done for us.
Many explanations about the development and global spread of modern industrial society and its influence on all our lives.Not always only articles and stories in this web.But how people can get ideas and MSF to change the world.We may never know what happened in the past because we live in a different era, so we need to know how people in the past can bring something and change the world better or just give idea to the people in this period for do not repeat our mistakes or to make life better.

How relevant this web for learning purposes?It would be useful if you want to get this new knowledge to the web and also I recommend to high school because I thought the information in this web has been clearly relevant to their subject.
However, If you are a student of "A levels" or a university student, you must be careful because we are only able to develop our knowledge and may provide motivation to learn but the content of articles on the web is not very detail and just give a little of all the things we learned.Chemistry for instance, the web has only the polymer chapter  and only a little knowledge can be taken.
But it is still possible for students to open this web because it would expand how people think and give something 'new' to this world.
Is interactive?This web is very good idea to educate people like college students. This web will be good enoughif you have a complete materials at all educational levels of children may be up to the university.
But I suggest you visit this web, why? The Web pages can provide interactive information over encyclopedias like Britannica etc ...
so do not worry if you're not a student, you can still visit this web as the material is still relevant.

this is big picture in this web : http://www.makingthemodernworld.org.uk

I) Story Timeline has time on all the way back to 1750 and ended in 2000. You can click on each block. 

For example :
click on the gray block to "1750-1820 Enlightenment and Measurement" , 
and drop down menu gives you three stories: 
1.Measure the Universe
2.Empire,The Navy,Commerce
3.Rational Manufacture

need a link : http://www.makingthemodernworld.org.uk/stories/

At the bottom of the menu, there is a link titled "Read More'' will take you to a page where you can learn more about the subject and access to three stories.

II) Invention icons have information about the invention that has transformed our world.
It is divided into three sections: Science, Technology, and Medicine. Below that, you can browse the Icons of Invention either from clicking on the examples provided or by scrolling through pages with a page number at the bottom.

III)Everyday Life shows discoveries that have changed  Everyday life.Everything from the equipment and toothbrushes for synthetic fabrics.
Under section more - Personal, Home, Work, Leisure, Control, and Health. Each section is again set in the timeline so you can see the progress of time.

 recomended to : everyone who want to looking at detail of changing equipment in our life

III)Tours Guided tours has three pages, each tracking a different aspect of development.From the impact that women have the science to advances in health care, you'll find interesting information presented in pictures and text. 
recomended to : student confusing about how to expand our knowledge

IV) Learning ModuleHere you will find the demonstrations, activities and media that are designed at A level that will be used by everyone.

This section such as Biology, English, Chemistry, History, Geography, Mathematics, and Psychology. 
But i'm very sad because in Chemistry section they don't have detail of information about A level studies.

// Overview
Not give a detail of what we need
  Looks incredible because a lot of picture that illustrate that articel
  Impressive for design and how to people get information
  integration articel is very cooperative
  Not too complex so look like just for children age 15
  Just like a book and encyclopedia

want tp visit this web , please get the link :http://www.makingthemodernworld.org.uk/

Friday, 10 September 2010


1. What eBay is ?
eBay Inc. is an US company that manages eBay.com, an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide

open to get more information : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebay#Profit_and_transactions

2. How to use it ?
When the first time i try to use eBay I was followed this steps.I take this information from :
If you want using eBay , follow the step and you get a lot of advantage. 

To keep track of all your buying and selling activity in one location, click on the My eBay Link at the top of any eBay page and sign in. From here you can manage all of your trading activity including:

Bidding/Watching: Track your bids, purchases, and items you're interested in.

Selling: Keep track of your listings, sales, and unsold items.

Favourites: Track your favourite categories, searches, and eBay sellers.

Accounts: Manage your eBay selling account.

Feedback: View the feedback you've received from other members, and see what feedback you still need to leave.

Preferences: Select which emails you'd like to receive from eBay and update your personal information.

The All Buying section allows you to track all the items you are watching, bidding on, have won or have not won.

The Buying Reminders view is your "to do" list for your eBay buying activities. Check here to see how many items you still need to pay for, have been outbid on, need to leave feedback for, and more.

Items I'm Watching allows you to track the up to 100 items you're interested in.

Items I'm Bidding On allows you to view all items you're currently bidding on. Items you're currently winning are green and bold. Items you've been outbid on are red.

Items I've Won allows you to view all your recent purchases at eBay and see their payment and feedback 
status at a glance.

My eBay's All Selling page lets you see the status of items you're selling from listing to completion including:

The Scheduled Items view shows you items that you scheduled to start at a future time.

The Items I'm Selling view shows all your items that are currently for sale on eBay include all information about your items, such as the current price, number of watchers, number of bids, and current high bidder.

The Items I've Sold view shows your items whose listings ended in a successful sale including information about your items, such as the buyer, sale price, sale date, and quantity sold.

The Unsold Items view shows your items whose listings did not end in a successful sale. Remember, you can chose to relist that those items from this view.

To save time when trading, store your favourite searches, sellers, and categories in My eBay

My Favourite Searches lets you save up to 100 item searches for easy viewing. You can also let eBay automatically search for you and notify you by email when new matching items have been listed.

Save time by having your favourite eBay sellers, shops or categories one click away when you save them in your Favourites section.

The My Account page gives you a quick summary of account information and feedback and helps you take care of all the administrative tasks associated with trading on eBay including:

Personal Information: All your important personal information can be viewed and updated from this page, as well as updating your billing or shipping address, credit card or bank account information on file.

eBay Preferences: View and customise your preferences for selling, signing in, using My eBay, and emails you receive from eBay.

Feedback: Keep up-to-date with feedback you've received or need to leave for others.
View a summary of your seller fees statement, including what you owe and showing recent payments. You can also set up automatic payments or make a one time payment and access your PayPal account information, including account overview, account history, and profile summary.

IF YOU STILL WORRIED HOW TO USE eBay . please ask me or visiting this 

get your what do you need and ENJOY

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


We can leave 04:54 from EF school ,Walk 16 mins to Headington, Headington Shops NE-bound2 (on London Road)
Then Take oxford espress (operated by Oxford Bus Company)/X90  towards Victoria (London), Victoria Coach Station ,Coach X90 in 1 hour 10 mins you will arrive at 06:20 , Marylebone (London), York Street (W1), Stop F (on BAKER STREET)

Walk 10 minute to Marylebone (London), York Street (W1), Stop G
(on BAKER STREET) and  wait the bus to take Metroline/139 towards Lambeth, Waterloo Station, Waterloo Rd . This service is usually operated with a low floor vehicle every 3-8 mins, then in 16 minute max and typical time in 11 minute , I’m sure you will be arrive on OXFORD STREET AND STOP YOUR JOURNEY



Tuesday, 7 September 2010


THIS BLOG JUST FOR PRACTICE IN ICT CLASS IN AS LEVEL , if you want to "talk" to me , please looking for my facebook ( type : gonzaga florozentrik , just only me in this world that  have name :  Florozentrik )
or you can follow my twitter ( gonzagafloro) .

thx :)


ICT is one of AS Level  that  I take in academy , why i take it ? because I interest in ICT and I want get more information about why people make it in Advance Level ,  it will be usefull ? Sure , it's depend of you . Mybe you can give me your opinion or sugesstion.